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St Tysul's Church

The Marriage Service

If you are looking to get married with us, firstly, congratulations!  The Church in Wales Marriage service describes marriage as a ‘gift of God through which husband and wife may grow together in the knowledge, love and service of God.’
Jesus set the greatest example of unconditional, self-sacrificial love – a model that husband and wife can seek to follow in the way they love one another, each putting the other’s needs first.  At the heart of the marriage ceremony is the exchange of vows, in which a couple make a public declaration of lifelong commitment to love each other, whatever the future may bring.
In order to marry in a particular church, the law requires that at least one of the couple should:
    ▪       reside in the parish where the wedding is to take place
    ▪       be a regular worshipper in the parish and to have his/her name entered on the church electoral roll
    ▪       have a ‘qualifying connection’.
Qualifying connections are: baptism or confirmation in the parish; your, or a parent's, residence for at least six months in the parish; your, or a parent's, habitual attendance of worship in the parish for at least six months;​or a parent or grandparent's marriage in the parish.
To talk about your wedding, please contact our Vicar, Rev Gareth Reid on 01559 363874 or
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